13 Dec. 2017

Cauliflower soup with crispy dried tomato toast.

Delicious and healthy cauliflower soup with crispy dried tomato toast. As I mentioned in other times, I love all kinds of soups, especially in the coldest months of the year. Not only are they comforting, but they provide us with a multitude of vitamins, are easy to digest and do not provide fat or large […]

16 Dec. 2016

Goat cheese and roasted cherry tomato canape

Canapé de queso de cabra con tomate cherry asado

A good appetizer is essential to start an unforgettable meal. So today I bring you an irresistible goat cheese and roasted cherry tomato canape recipe. The combination of the cheese with the roasted tomatoes is irresistible, so much so that I don’t discard cook this canape with different cheeses (blue, cured,…). In addition, we can use […]

09 Jun. 2019

Meatball sandwich

Ingredients for 1 Meatball sandwich: 4-6 large meatballs cooked in tomato sauceGrated cheese1 mini baguette How to make a meatball sandwich: Open the bread in half and spread a good layer of tomato sauce to the stewed meatballs. Add 4-6 meatballs inside and cover with grated cheese. Cover the sandwich and eat before it cools Isn’t […]

21 Nov. 2017

Chicken and prawns gumbo


Gumbo recipe, this time cooked with chicken and prawns, is a typical Louisiana stew. It is served in the coldest months of the year. There are as many gumbo recipes as people who cook it, because it can be made with seafood or meat. The only essential element of this dish is okra. The gumbo is […]

21 Sep. 2017

Polenta with steamed kale, roasted tomatoes and blue cheese

polenta con kale y tomatitos

For this polenta with steamed kale, roasted tomatoes and blue cheese recipe we have combined different cooking techniques, that give us a tasty result. The result is an easy and quick meal, at the same time very complete and tasty. The best of this recipe is the roasted rosemary cherry tomatoes and blue cheese, which […]

02 Aug. 2017

Swiss chard and sardines majorca’s coca {flatbread}

coca acelgas y sardinas

With this swiss chard and sardines majorca’s thin & crispy bread we celebrate that August has arrived. Most of you are on vacation, while many others continue working and looking forward to the month of September to enjoy our holidays. Either way, this flatbread recipe is perfect for both situations: if you are on holidays you need […]

07 Jul. 2017

Trampó {Majorca’s typical salad}

trampo mallorquí

Tampó is a Majorca’s typical salad. It’s very easy and fast to make, we only need 3 ingredients (tomato, white onion and white pepper) and ten minutes to do it. The most important thing in this pecipe is to have a good quality ingredients. In this way, we will have a delicious and healthy veg […]

10 Feb. 2017

Puff pastry pizza swirls {easy and fast}

espirales de pizza

Making these puff pastry pizza swirls is a very fast and easy. All the people will ask you for the recipe. This time I made them with a pizza filling, however you can fill them with another ingredients. What do you think about ham, cheese and black olives swirls? Ingredients for Puff pastry pizza swirls: […]