21 Nov. 2017

Chicken and prawns gumbo


Gumbo recipe, this time cooked with chicken and prawns, is a typical Louisiana stew. It is served in the coldest months of the year. There are as many gumbo recipes as people who cook it, because it can be made with seafood or meat. The only essential element of this dish is okra. The gumbo is […]

26 Oct. 2017

Tempura yolks with sweet potato textures

yema tempura boniato texturas

What I like most about the tempura yolks with sweet potato textures is how much it surprises all the diners. It is a very easy recipe but at the same time it draws attention by its orange tones and it’s texture. As a base we serve a classic and simple sweet potato puree, topped with […]

18 Oct. 2017

Pumpkin, goat cheese and dried cranberries risotto

Risotto de calabaza, queso de cabra y arandanos desecados

This pumpkin, goat cheese and dried cranberries risotto is one of the most delicious that I’ve ever eaten. The combination of flavors offers us a delicate but with character risotto. Pumpkin gives extra creaminess to our risotto, while blueberries and goat cheese gives flavor. It’s pumpkin season and I can’t resists to buying a lot […]

29 Sep. 2017

Shoyu ramen, japanese soup recipe

The soup that we cook today comes from Japan. SHOYU is soy sauce. Shoyu ramen has broth made with soy sauce. Soy sauce is added to a pot of bones (usually chicken), vegetables and water, and everything is simmered together to make a light brown broth. However, on this occasion and with the intention to […]

25 Sep. 2017

Avocado, cream and toffee mousse

mousse aguacate y toffe

This delicious avocado, cream and toffe mousse was fruit of improvisation a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to eat something that was sweet and fresh at the same time. It had to be a quick and simple recipe, but also very eye-catching. So I opened the fridge, and in a few minutes I already […]

02 Aug. 2017

Swiss chard and sardines majorca’s coca {flatbread}

coca acelgas y sardinas

With this swiss chard and sardines majorca’s thin & crispy bread we celebrate that August has arrived. Most of you are on vacation, while many others continue working and looking forward to the month of September to enjoy our holidays. Either way, this flatbread recipe is perfect for both situations: if you are on holidays you need […]

02 Jul. 2017

Roasted sweet potato stuffed with eggplant, prawns and mango

boniato berenjena mango y gambas

Roasted sweet potato stuffed with eggplant, prawns and mango: amazing combination of flavors and textures, washed down with a yummy warm vinaigrette and served with a yogurt sauce with pink salt. It’s been a long time since I saw this recipe on bake-street. At home we love stuffed potatoes, but we had never eat it […]

10 Feb. 2017

Puff pastry pizza swirls {easy and fast}

espirales de pizza

Making these puff pastry pizza swirls is a very fast and easy. All the people will ask you for the recipe. This time I made them with a pizza filling, however you can fill them with another ingredients. What do you think about ham, cheese and black olives swirls? Ingredients for Puff pastry pizza swirls: […]