19 May. 2019

Papaya and coconut popsicles

Good Morning! penultimate weekend of August and I’m here with another recipe perfect for summer! What do you think about another recipe with papaya? I’m trully believe that if something engages very well with papaya it is the coconut, so now we are going to cook a delicious and healthy papaya and coconut popsicles. ¿Looks good, […]

04 May. 2016

Papaya and coconut cake

Today I bring a delicious sponge cake with tropical flavors: papaya and coconut. I love coconut, it’s delicious with all fruits, but when we combined it with papaya, it’s amazing. The result is not only delicious, it’s also a very fluffy and juicy cake. Ingredients for Papaya and coconut cake:  155 gr all purpose flour20 […]

19 Aug. 2015

Healthy papaya bars

This papaya bars are healthy, tasty, without sugar and ready in only 30 minutes. If you also love papaya and fruit bars ¡cook it right now! Ingredients for Healthy papaya bars: Crust: ¾ cup (85 gr) all-purpose flour¼ teaspoon salt1’5 tablespoons agave syrup¼ cup (50 gr) diced very cold unsalted butter Filling: 4 tablespoons agave syrup1’5 tablespoons all-purpose flour¼ teaspoon […]

07 Aug. 2015

Papaya popsicles

Delicious, refreshing and healthy papaya popsicles. Easy and only 3 ingredients recipe! There are also perfect for kids as they will love to make and then eat it, with its intense orange color. There’re loaded with vitamins! Ingredients for Papaya popsicles: 400 gr mashed papaya*160 ml waterA pinch of salt. * To make mashed papaya peel, […]

25 Jan. 2017

Coconut milk egg flan {rum and coconut sugar caramel}

flan huevo leche coco

These healthy coconut milk egg flan with rum and coconut sugar caramel are simply spectacular. I love spoon desserts, but I don’t make it very often because there aren’t usually very healthy or full of sugar and fats. But everything changes with these coconut egg flan that I bring to you today. It’s true that we […]