29 Oct. 2017

Eggplant, spinach and honey risotto

Risotto de berenjena con espinacas y miel

This eggplant, spinach and honey risotto is perfect to surprise our guests, both for its flavor and presentation. This time, we will use the same skin of the eggplant as a bowl in which to serve the risotto. Do not tell me it’s not original! All the ingredients that we are going to use for […]

11 Sep. 2017

Goat cheese, nuts and honey filled dates

datiles nueces miel

Sometimes it’s difficult to find different and original recipes to serve as a appetizer. We always come up with the same recipes and even if we want to innovate, either because of lack of time or ideas, we end up cooking the same thing over and over again. If you’ve ever thought about what I […]

25 Jun. 2017

Cod with honey and mustard sauce

Cod with honey and mustard sauce

Cod with honey and mustard sauce is one of those recipes that deserve to be shared … not only because it’s delicious, but also because it is easy and quick to cook it. A dish with which to surprise all our guests without spending hours in the kitchen, we will have it cooked in 15 […]

13 Dec. 2016

Prawns with glazed beet, cilantro and yogurt

Gambas con remolacha a la miel, cilantro y yogur

This prawns with honey caramelized beetroot, cilantro and yogurt recipe has been the fruit of an improvisation. I’m very happy with the result, because it is a very light dish. There are a multitude of flavors that combine wonderfully. In addition, it’s a dish that we will have ready in less than 30 minutes and […]

02 May. 2016

Honey and mustard crispy chicken {baked without egg}

I love the crispy breaded, however, and following my purpose to eat healthier and reduce the unnecessary fats, I found the perfect baked “fried chicken” recipe. The result is a juicy, tasty and the most crispy chicken! You’ll be surprised how yummy is it without adding oil. Besides, for this recipe I didn’t use egg […]

19 May. 2019

Papaya and coconut popsicles

Good Morning! penultimate weekend of August and I’m here with another recipe perfect for summer! What do you think about another recipe with papaya? I’m trully believe that if something engages very well with papaya it is the coconut, so now we are going to cook a delicious and healthy papaya and coconut popsicles. ¿Looks good, […]

11 Dec. 2017

Zucchini cannelloni stuffed with hake and prickly pear sauce

canelon calabacin y merluza

This zucchini cannelloni stuffed with hake and served with prickly pear sauce is perfect to surprise all your guests this holiday season. These original -pasta free- cannelloni will be the perfect first dish to start a magical evening. Although it may not seem so at first glance, its elaboration is easy and we can cook […]

01 Dec. 2017

Roasted chicken with tangerine and raisins

pollo asado con mandarina y pasas

Today we are going to see how make roasted chicken with tangerine and raisins. Like all roast chicken recipes, this one is also very easy. This recipe is full of color and flavor, making it a perfect dish to surprise in the upcoming Christmas season. Chicken combines great with the tangerine and raisins sweetness. For […]