24 Sep. 2017

Homemade strawberry jam, easy recipe

mermelada de fresa

Making strawberry jam at home is very easy, you will only need a few ingredients and some time. We love homemade jams: delicious and a great idea to take advantage of the surplus fruits of the orchard, ripe fruits or just enjoy the seasonal fruits during all year. I love the strawberry jam on a […]

25 Sep. 2016

Blackberries jam without seeds

When it’s blackberry season I like to have a relaxing walk through the countryside and fill a basket of them, then go home and eat them immediatly or prepare a delicious recipe with wild blackberries. I love blackberries! The downside of blackberries, like fruits and vegetables, is that they are found only for a short […]

25 Oct. 2016

Homemade yogurt: cheesecake & blueberries

Yogur de tarta de queso con arandanos

Every week we make yogurt at home and although most times are natural flavor, occasionally I like to give fruit flavor. Today, taking advantage for the challenge “Alfabeto dulce (sweet alphabet)” we should cook a dessert with blueberries and quark, I’ve thrown prepare delicious homemade yogurt: cheesecake & blueberries.  The result is creamy and very […]