13 Sep. 2016

Cauliflower and potato patties

Trying to get your child to eat vegetables? These cauliflower and potatoes patties will be your best allies to hide vegetables. Kids can also help you with the cooking, food will taste better! There are very easy and quick to cook, and perfect to take the tupperware to the office or school. These veggie burgers […]

23 Nov. 2018

100% homemade burger

Ingredients for 100% homemade burger (serves 4): 600 gr minced meat2 garlic cloves½ small onion1 egg XLSmall bunch of parsleySaltPepperA pinch of ground cumin Also we need: 4 homemade hamburger buns4 slices of cheese4 eggs How to make 100% homemade burger: First, grate the onion and garlic and mix with chopped parsley, minded meat, egg and spices. […]

21 Jul. 2017

Quinoa, beet and chickpea burgers with asparagus sauce

When we think about an hamburger the first thing that comes to our mind is a good porction of minced beef. But today I show you that it is possible to make a vegetarian burger (with quinoa, beets and chickpeas) that everyone will want to eat. These healthy quinoa, beet and chickpea burgers are the […]