27 Dec. 2017

Matcha green tea panna cotta

panacota de te matcha

Today I bring you an irresistible dessert proposal: matcha green tea panna cotta. Surely with this dessert you will surprise your guests, since not only it’s delicious. It is also a very colorful dessert without adding artificial colors! Matcha green tea acts as a natural green coloring, while the contrast with red and sweet strawberries […]

14 Feb. 2017

Coconut milk and strawberries panna cotta

panacota coco y fresa

Happy Valentine’s day! Today I come with a perfect recipe to share, although I’m sure that when you taste this delicious panna cotta with coconut milk and strawberries, you’ll want it all for yourself! The result is a very creamy and flavored panna cotta, much healthier than the traditional recipe, and with a slight touch […]

30 Mar. 2016

Coffee panna cotta

If you need to recharge your batteries, this is the perfect recipe to start the routine after the Easter Hollydays: coffee panna cotta with chocolate shavings. This amazing coffee panna cotta is soft, intense and irresistible! Also is very easy to make. Without a doubt is the perfect recipe for coffee lovers. She pricked her finger […]

25 Apr. 2016

Coconut milk and grapefruit jelly {healthy}

Light, healthy, vegetarian and refreshing dessert is possible with this Coconut milk and grapefruit jelly. Furthermore, it is very easy and quick to make! However, not everyone likes grapefruit, so to the top layer you can use another fruit. Also, if you want a recipe 100% healthy and low calorie you can do it without […]