30 Oct. 2016

Potato croquettes

Potato croquettes

This Potato croquettes are basically a ball of mashed potato breaded, crispy on the outside and creamy inside. Breaded with chickpea flour and cornmeal and without bechamel, these potato croquettes are gluten and lactose free. Ingredients for Potato croquettes: 1 kg of peeled potatoes100 g butter3 egg yolksSaltPepperMixed Arab spicesChickpea flour1 eggCornmealOil for frying How to make Potato […]

17 Feb. 2017

Potato, chorizo and quail egg appetizer

Montadito de patata, chorizo y huevo de codorniz

The weekend is here, and this very easy appetizer recipe is perfect for it: delicious potato croquette, chorizo and quail egg. What I like most about this recipe is that it’s delicious thanks to the combination of flavors and textures. In addition, on this occasion, I cooked it using a leftover potato puree, a few chorizos […]

08 Feb. 2017

Traditional meat cannelloni with bechamel sauce

canelones de carne

Meat cannelloni with bechamel sauce are one of those recipes that everyone likes: there are enjoyed by the smallest, but also by the oldest. In each house them are cooked in a similar way, but each family adds their personal touch, making it an unique and special dish with which to gather the whole family around […]

01 Dec. 2016

White sauce or bechamel sauce: recipe and tips

Salsa bechamel

Bechamel or white sauce is one of the most used sauces in the kitchen thanks to its versatility, we can use it in many recipes and elaborations. Light bechamel sauce to serve with tortellinis, more flavorful and creamy fillings and gratin, croquettes,… The taste or thickness we give will depend on the recipe in which […]