06 Jul. 2019

Majorca’s apricot sponge cake

coca de albaricoque

I love this majorca’s apricot sponge cake, especially when my grandmother bakes it. There is no year when, once the apricot season begins, don’t make this sponge cake with the apricots. Imagine a very spongy and juicy cake, crowned with an apricot just at its optimum point of maturity, orange, fleshy and very tasty. I […]

09 Jun. 2019

Meatball sandwich

Ingredients for 1 Meatball sandwich: 4-6 large meatballs cooked in tomato sauceGrated cheese1 mini baguette How to make a meatball sandwich: Open the bread in half and spread a good layer of tomato sauce to the stewed meatballs. Add 4-6 meatballs inside and cover with grated cheese. Cover the sandwich and eat before it cools Isn’t […]

21 May. 2019

Corn dog muffins

If you liked the corn dogs, you’ll love the corn dog muffins!!! Ingredients for Corn dog muffins (serves 12): 165 gr cornmeal60 gr flour1 tablespoon brown sugar2 teaspoons baking powder1 teaspoon salt½ teaspoon baking soda1 cup (245 ml) buttermilk (or 245 ml of milk with a few drops of lemon)2 tablespoons (26 gr) unsalted butter1 large egg1 […]

19 May. 2019

Papaya and coconut popsicles

Good Morning! penultimate weekend of August and I’m here with another recipe perfect for summer! What do you think about another recipe with papaya? I’m trully believe that if something engages very well with papaya it is the coconut, so now we are going to cook a delicious and healthy papaya and coconut popsicles. ¿Looks good, […]

25 Jan. 2019

Lemon curd in less than 15 minutes

lemon curd 15 minutos

Ingredients for Lemon curd in less than 15 minutes: 3 egg yolks1 whole egg155 gr sugarZest of 2 lemons100 ml lemon juice2 tablespoons unsalted butter30 gr water How to make Lemon curd in less than 15 minutes: First, mix the yolks with the whole egg and beat until frothy. Add the sugar, water, lemon juice and […]

23 Nov. 2018

100% homemade burger

Ingredients for 100% homemade burger (serves 4): 600 gr minced meat2 garlic cloves½ small onion1 egg XLSmall bunch of parsleySaltPepperA pinch of ground cumin Also we need: 4 homemade hamburger buns4 slices of cheese4 eggs How to make 100% homemade burger: First, grate the onion and garlic and mix with chopped parsley, minded meat, egg and spices. […]

27 Dec. 2017

Matcha green tea panna cotta

panacota de te matcha

Today I bring you an irresistible dessert proposal: matcha green tea panna cotta. Surely with this dessert you will surprise your guests, since not only it’s delicious. It is also a very colorful dessert without adding artificial colors! Matcha green tea acts as a natural green coloring, while the contrast with red and sweet strawberries […]