25 Jan. 2019

Lemon curd in less than 15 minutes

lemon curd 15 minutos

Ingredients for Lemon curd in less than 15 minutes: 3 egg yolks1 whole egg155 gr sugarZest of 2 lemons100 ml lemon juice2 tablespoons unsalted butter30 gr water How to make Lemon curd in less than 15 minutes: First, mix the yolks with the whole egg and beat until frothy. Add the sugar, water, lemon juice and […]

23 Nov. 2018

100% homemade burger

Ingredients for 100% homemade burger (serves 4): 600 gr minced meat2 garlic cloves½ small onion1 egg XLSmall bunch of parsleySaltPepperA pinch of ground cumin Also we need: 4 homemade hamburger buns4 slices of cheese4 eggs How to make 100% homemade burger: First, grate the onion and garlic and mix with chopped parsley, minded meat, egg and spices. […]

27 Dec. 2017

Matcha green tea panna cotta

panacota de te matcha

Today I bring you an irresistible dessert proposal: matcha green tea panna cotta. Surely with this dessert you will surprise your guests, since not only it’s delicious. It is also a very colorful dessert without adding artificial colors! Matcha green tea acts as a natural green coloring, while the contrast with red and sweet strawberries […]

20 Dec. 2017

Peanut butter and Lacasitos cookie bars

barritas lacasitos y mantequilla cacahuete

These peanut butter and Lacasitos bars are perfect for snack time. Not only are delicious, but they give us energy. What I like most about these bars is that they are tender while crispy. (If you don’t have lacasitos, you can use m&ms). These peanut butter bars will delight the little ones, but also the […]

18 Dec. 2017

Stuffed almonds, Christmas recipe

almendras rellenas navidad

Stuffed almonds are one of those things that, along with nougat, are never missing at Christmas table. Personally, I had never been encouraged to make them. But now that I have discovered how quick and easy to make them are, I will make stuffed almonds every year. We will only need a few ingredients and […]

13 Dec. 2017

Cauliflower soup with crispy dried tomato toast.

Delicious and healthy cauliflower soup with crispy dried tomato toast. As I mentioned in other times, I love all kinds of soups, especially in the coldest months of the year. Not only are they comforting, but they provide us with a multitude of vitamins, are easy to digest and do not provide fat or large […]