21 Nov. 2017

Chicken and prawns gumbo


Gumbo recipe, this time cooked with chicken and prawns, is a typical Louisiana stew. It is served in the coldest months of the year. There are as many gumbo recipes as people who cook it, because it can be made with seafood or meat. The only essential element of this dish is okra. The gumbo is […]

15 Nov. 2017

Carrot, coconut and ginger soup

crema zanahoria, coco y jengibre

No one could resist the temptation with this carrot, coconut and ginger soup. To cook today’s recipe, we will only need a few ingredients and we will have it ready in about 30 minutes. The result is a mild flavor soup but, at the same time, very aromatic. Perfect for those days when you want […]

02 Nov. 2017

Corn, coconut, mango and beef soup

Welcome November, welcome season of soups. Today I come with a delicious and comforting soup. This corn, coconut, mango and beef soup is full of nuances that you will love. This corn, coconut milk, mango, beef, chile and lime soup is perfect to get out of the routine in the kitchen. A soup that is […]

01 Nov. 2017

Espresso coffee brownies {includes video recipe}

brownie de cafe espresso

Today I have for you an irresistible espresso coffee brownies, a decadent recipe only for coffee and chocolate lovers. Juicy and tender inside, a delicious caffeine shot! Feel how every bite melts in your mouth. Enjoy the coffee brownie hot with a scoop of ice cream and fresh fruit on it. The contrast of temperatures […]

30 Oct. 2017

Chocolate, dates and nuts vegan truffles {raw food}

Trufas veganas de chocolate, dátiles y nueces

Today I come with a raw & vegan truffles recipe. There are easy and gluten free. What I like most about this recipe is that we only use natural, healthy and unprocessed ingredients. We will sweeten it with dates, which tastes good with nuts and chocolate. I’m falling love for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Their […]

29 Oct. 2017

Eggplant, spinach and honey risotto

Risotto de berenjena con espinacas y miel

This eggplant, spinach and honey risotto is perfect to surprise our guests, both for its flavor and presentation. This time, we will use the same skin of the eggplant as a bowl in which to serve the risotto. Do not tell me it’s not original! All the ingredients that we are going to use for […]

27 Oct. 2017

Homemade grain oat milk – vegetable milk recipe

leche vegetal con granos de avena

Make vegetable milk at home is very easy, we will only need a few ingredients and a few minutes. Today I teach you how to make a delicious and healthy milk with oat grains. This is an option for all those who can not eat/drink dairy, look for better digestion or eliminate fats from their […]

26 Oct. 2017

Tempura yolks with sweet potato textures

yema tempura boniato texturas

What I like most about the tempura yolks with sweet potato textures is how much it surprises all the diners. It is a very easy recipe but at the same time it draws attention by its orange tones and it’s texture. As a base we serve a classic and simple sweet potato puree, topped with […]