25 Oct. 2016

Homemade yogurt: cheesecake & blueberries

Yogur de tarta de queso con arándanos

Every week we make yogurt at home and although most times are natural flavor, occasionally I like to give fruit flavor. Today, taking advantage for the challenge “Alfabeto dulce (sweet alphabet)” we should cook a dessert with blueberries and quark, I’ve thrown prepare delicious homemade yogurt: cheesecake & blueberries.  The result is creamy and very […]

25 Oct. 2016

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

cupcakes de vainilla

Vanilla cupcakes are a classic, it’s true that there are a lot of flavors for cupcakes, but everybody loves a delicious vanilla cupcake. With this recipe you will get a very light, tender, fluffy and soft cupcake with a wonderful vanilla flavor. But no doubt what you will fall in love with the buttercream! It’s a yolks […]

05 Oct. 2016

Thai fish and coconut soup


Without doubt this Thai fish and coconut soup is one of my favorite soups in the world, for its delicate but aromatic flavor. There are countless times we have cooked it at home; winter is cold and I can’t avoid to cook a tasty soup for dinner. Can you? If you like coconut, you have to […]

30 Sep. 2016

 kiwi, pear and lettuce Green Smoothie


This healthy green smoothie is the perfect afternoon snack. As I already told, I’m totally hooked on homemade juices and smoothies. And if these are green and detox, better! I love to try different combinations of fruits and vegetables every day without preservatives, colorings or excess of sugar. What I love about smoothies is that it retain all […]

30 Sep. 2016

Snake kiwi puff pastry cake


Delicious snake kiwi puff pastry cake, made with puff pastry, custard and kiwi. This kiwi cake is beautiful and perfect to cooking with kids. Children will love eating fruit! It’s very easy and quick to cook, we only need few ingredients for a spectacular result. Ingredients for Snake kiwi puff pastry cake: 1 puff pastry sheet 1 […]

25 Sep. 2016

Toffee, hazelnuts, chocolate chips and coconut cookie bars


We welcome the autumn with this amazing stuffed toffee bars -with a lot off toffee- with crunchy hazelnuts and chocolate chips. But that’s just the filling on a delicious cookie dough, made with a pretty good amount of peanut butter, coconut oil and old fashioned oats, which provide them with an unforgettable aroma. Sweet layers […]

25 Sep. 2016

Blackberries jam without seeds


When it’s blackberry season I like to have a relaxing walk through the countryside and fill a basket of them, then go home and eat them immediatly or prepare a delicious recipe with wild blackberries. I love blackberries! The downside of blackberries, like fruits and vegetables, is that they are found only for a short […]

13 Sep. 2016

Cauliflower and potato patties


Trying to get your child to eat vegetables? These cauliflower and potatoes patties will be your best allies to hide vegetables. Kids can also help you with the cooking, food will taste better! There are very easy and quick to cook, and perfect to take the tupperware to the office or school. These veggie burgers […]

07 Sep. 2016

Quinoa, goat cheese and pomegranate salad


Back to school, back to work, changing times and new purposes. September means start again with renewed energy and full of energy. News are coming. In heat days nothing is better than an easy, nutritious and quick to cook recipe. This quinoa, goat cheese, pomegranate and lamb’s lettuce salad is perfect for this time of year […]

04 May. 2016

Papaya and coconut cake


Today I bring a delicious sponge cake with tropical flavors: papaya and coconut. I love coconut, it’s delicious with all fruits, but when we combined it with papaya, it’s amazing. The result is not only delicious, it’s also a very fluffy and juicy cake. Ingredients for Papaya and coconut cake:  155 gr all purpose flour20 […]

02 May. 2016

Honey and mustard crispy chicken {baked without egg}


I love the crispy breaded, however, and following my purpose to eat healthier and reduce the unnecessary fats, I found the perfect baked “fried chicken” recipe. The result is a juicy, tasty and the most crispy chicken! You’ll be surprised how yummy is it without adding oil. Besides, for this recipe I didn’t use egg […]

25 Apr. 2016

Coconut milk and grapefruit jelly {healthy}


Light, healthy, vegetarian and refreshing dessert is possible with this Coconut milk and grapefruit jelly. Furthermore, it is very easy and quick to make! However, not everyone likes grapefruit, so to the top layer you can use another fruit. Also, if you want a recipe 100% healthy and low calorie you can do it without […]